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Unsure About the Best Fit For Your Business? Cross Reference Your Business with Emerging Industries.

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Comprehensive Marketing Approach

Emerging Industry Professionals can help you identify your targeted industry(s), develop brand messaging, create & manage online solutions and find in-person opportunities/partnerships. EIP helps businesses break into new Billion/Trillion Dollar Emerging Industries.

Emerging Industry Expos Help Grow Your Business

Attend or Exhibit at our National B2B Expos to connect with industry professionals and capture your share of the highly profitable emerging industries. The projected annual revenue for all of the markets is in the tens to hundreds of billions in the US alone with high-profit potential for early adopters. Sign up now to ensure you don’t miss out. Logo
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Online Marketing Opportunities

TotalWeb Partners, our web design and online marketing partner, is a sister company of EIP with the same ownership. As both operations share the Clio, MI headquarters, solutions with both Web and Expo elements have a common project manager ensuring synchronized structures and smooth implementation. Our experienced team has over 60 years of combined experience in Web Design, SEO, Branding, Social Media, plus E-Mail, Inbound, and Outbound Marketing.

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