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We are a family of scientists, farmers, and pioneers working toward the development of a modern, global industry. While distribution and research are a part of our world, we specialize in the increasingly dynamic field of terpene manufacturing, as our award-winning track record can attest. We have years of experience and all the necessary tools to help you achieve success regardless of operation size. Let us help you make a variety of award-winning and profitable products or setup a new licensed facility. It would be a pleasure to assist a partner in the creation of a terpene culture, concept, or in production.

Our goal is to support manufacturers and brands across the country make their best products.

Why Us?

Fast + Reliable

While the majority of our customers enjoy Abstrax products for fun and flavoring, some people use these materials as medicine. Our company is dedicated to providing a consistent, quality product capable of serving everyone’s needs. To do so, we make every effort to ensure deliveries and shipments are treated with the respect and speed that they deserve while sticking to hazadous shipping requirements.

Award Winning Quality

While the taste and consistency of our products speak for themselves, many Abstrax blends have a history of victory in Cannabis Cup competition. While our past results are excellent, we are always seeking new, innovative ways to improve. Frequent reevaluation coupled with authenticated laboratory testing maintain the highest of standards. Every stage of production is evaluated and cleared before we move to distribute. Our customers deserve the best and we’re dedicated to bringing it to them.

Highly Experienced Chemist

When you’re working with chemicals, having an actual chemist on board is a plus. Kevin Koby, our Chief Technology Officer, specializes in organic chemistry and material science. His experience in academic labs helped him design the Standard Operating Procedures that Abstrax scientists work under. A former chemical engineer and Cannabis Cup champion, Koby is our scientific cornerstone here at Abstrax.

Transparent and Trustworthy

Rather than being a one-way distributor, Abstrax seeks to actively work with our customers to ensure they are satisfied. We stand behind our products and beside our clients. As improper use of our goods is possible, we provide a service happy to assist purchasers with guidance, supplementary information, and SOPs.



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