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The AGRiMED Industries, LLC companies are in the business of developing, producing and selling medical cannabis for the treatment of jurisdictionally-permitted medical conditions. We cultivate, process and sell cannabis-derived medicines through dispensaries to people who can benefit from the positive effects of medicines derived from cannabinoid compounds.

Our business optimizes its positive impact on the community when we fully integrate and engage in the communities we serve. We seek to add value to the efforts already underway in our communities and want to be valued partners in helping to strengthen those efforts. Creating a positive identity in our communities is critical to our success.

We listen to the voices of the community leaders who understand the people who live and work in these communities, as well as the voices of our patients who see medical marijuana as a viable option to their treatment and improvement in their quality of life.

The core of our model is the cultivation and processing of medical-grade cannabis plants into pharmaceutical drugs that can improve the health and wellness of patients in need. We employ industry best practices in agricultural technology and the pharmaceutical industry, employ experienced professionals aided by agricultural experts, and continually improve our drugs through research and development.

AGRiMED therapeutic pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana products are designed to benefit a wide variety of patient ailments and ages. Our genetic selection, aided by analytical testing, and our leading edge cultivation and processing techniques allow AGRiMED to produce superior medical marijuana products with the most efficacious formulations and consistent quality to meet a wide array of our patient’s needs.

AGRiMED ensures the quality of our plant material, sanitary growing conditions, proper hygienic best practices and extraction techniques produce end products that are of the highest quality and contaminant free.

While the vast majority of medical cannabis sales in the U.S. are high-THC products, patients are beginning to appreciate the benefits and effects of CBD. Patients who are concerned about the psychoactive effects of THC will appreciate that AGRiMED provides products with CBD which reduces those effects. Many products we will offer give little-to-no psychoactive effect and still provide tremendous healing benefits.

We track all medical cannabis plants, individually and as a group, throughout the entire production pipeline; this data is available for safety, research, quality control, and supply chain analysis. Additionally, a computer system controls and monitors, to the drop, water and nutrient delivery systems. AGRiMED technicians are able to know and understand the status and history of each growing table and we can track each plant through its lifespan and into the medical cannabis products that they generate.



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