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A New Spin on Trimming. Meet the next evolution in automated trimming technology.

Innovative Cutting System: Allshear introduces a cutting-edge solution with a patented system that offers 500 inches of continuously available cutting surface. This innovation not only accelerates the trimming process but also ensures a higher throughput, making it a game-changer for cannabis businesses looking to optimize their operations.

Gentle Handling: Emphasizing the importance of preserving the quality and potency of the cannabis, Allshear’s technology incorporates low-impact, no-tumble processing. This method is crucial for maintaining the integrity of trichomes, ensuring that the final product retains its maximum potency and appeal.

Medical-Grade Cleanliness: Understanding the stringent requirements of the cannabis industry, especially for medical use, Allshear has engineered its system with medical-grade stainless steel cutting surfaces. The tool-less disassembly feature for cleaning, combined with wash-down compatibility, makes the system GMP-ready and exceptionally easy to maintain. The ability to swap out cutting assemblies with the press of a button further enhances its user-friendly design.

Allshear’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and quality positions it as a leading solution for legal cannabis businesses in search of reliable, automated trimming solutions. As Allshear prepares to showcase its services at the upcoming Innovation CannaTech conference, it stands on the brink of setting a new standard for technology in the cannabis industry.

The anticipation for Allshear’s showcasing thier technoloty at Innovation CannaTech underscores the growing demand for technological advancements in cannabis cultivation and processing. With its state-of-the-art trimming solutions, Allshear is not just meeting this demand but is setting the pace for the future of cannabis technology.



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