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Criminal and DUI law is complicated and frequently evolving. That is why the Balmer Law Office focuses exclusively on criminal and DWI defense.

Mr. Balmer is a native Minnesotan; he is an honors graduate of both Bethel University and William Mitchell College of Law. Prior to establishing the Balmer Law Office in 2012, Mr. Balmer began his professional career as a reinsurance broker. In that capacity he assisted insurance companies in managing their risk through the negotiation and placement of multi-million dollar reinsurance contracts.

While Mr. Balmer enjoyed his career in the reinsurance field, it lacked the personal satisfaction that Mr. Balmer receives from helping people in need. After a successful nine-year career in the reinsurance industry, Mr. Balmer retired from the field in 2009 to enroll in law school and ultimately establish a law firm. Mr. Balmer has dedicated the Firm to exclusively defending good people facing serious criminal charges.

Mr. Balmer has developed considerable experience in representing clients facing serious criminal charges. While in law school Mr. Balmer volunteered as a student-attorney for the state’s public defender system. In that capacity he represented clients charged with a range of offenses-from the most basic of DWI offenses to extremely serious criminal sexual conduct charges. Because of his commitment to helping the less fortunate Mr. Balmer continues to volunteer his time with the public defender system.

The key to a successful defense starts with a free initial consultation. In order to effectively represent your interests Mr. Balmer needs to know you as a person. He needs to know how the charges have effected you and your livelihood. Most importantly, he needs to know your understanding of what brought about the charges or threat of charges. Mr. Balmer is committed to carefully listening. The initial consult is not limited to a set period of time. Mr. Balmer will explain the criminal trial process. He will explain what you can do to help your case. And most importantly, Mr. Balmer will explain how he will help you achieve the best possible result for your case.

The Balmer Law Office will thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the charges that you are facing. Mr. Balmer has an established network of experienced investigators. Frequently investigators can discover important facts that can change the outcome of a case. Mr. Balmer and his team will make sure your case is thoroughly investigated to ensure that you have the strongest possible defense.



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