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W. E. Industries, Inc. is one of the pioneers in the gun safe industry. As the manufacturer of BEAR SAFES, our goal has been to build a gun safe that provided the most protection, both burglary and fire, at a cost that is practical for most consumers.

In order to make this happen we made the decision that “bells and whistles” should be kept to a minimum as they, for the most part, do nothing to enhance security or fire protection.

Our Locking System

The original design concept for a safe that would not only thwart a burglary attempt, but would also still be functional after an attack led away from a dial and handle system to a unique key lock system. Our tried and proven dual recessed keylocking system has been the BEAR SAFES signature for over thirty years.

American Lock Co. highly pick resistant, six pin lock cylinders, fitted to precision, machined solid, cold rolled steel bodies are the basis of this unique system. These locks are fitted to the inside of the door in such a way that they are only accessible through small openings in the door. This system is virtually impervious to forced entry attacks and is self protecting so you don’t have the costly repair bill after an unsuccessful attempt. Because this system needs no maintenance and has no parts to wear out, it is no wonder that this system is considered by many to be the best locking system available on any gun safe today!

Our Interior

Interior design has long been a problem in the gun safe industry. It was either have an interior with a large gun capacity and little shelving or a lot of shelving and little gun capacity. Most of the current designs split the interior down the middle with shelves or gun racks on both sides.

This is one area where we have conceded to the “bells and whistles”. All our safes have customized interior options allowing for various configurations of gun and/or shelving capacity to meet your specific needs. All interior surfaces are covered with a plush carpet. We also offer a complete line of the Rife Rod Hand Gun Hanger System to minimize gun spacing and maximize shelf space.




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