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Bifarm Tech, Inc., is a smart gardening solution startup with focuses on precision aeroponics growing methods. Its technology focuses include automation, security, enterprise information infrastructure, artificial intelligence and machine learning in agriculture.

Bifarm was founded in Miami, Florida in 2015, with additional functional units located in Seattle, Austin, and China.

Bifarm aeroponics is a solution to produce higher yields, better quality and more grow cycles, and suitable for large scale operations. The consistency resulted from precision control helps business build brand identity and operate smoothly. The automation reduces labor costs, and prevents losses caused by negligence and human mistakes. In addition, for large farms, GrowOS servers are optionally deployed on-premise to facilitate operation activities. With the server, grow units are managed by groups. This function gives operators a great power and flexibility in managing big facilities.

Bifarm aeroponics not only helps the corporate bottom line, but also minimizes the negative impacts on the environment. The design and build of the Future Farm® reflects our commitment to protecting our environment. The indoor aeroponics saves water and nutrients usage by more than 90% over traditional outdoor soil farming. There is no pesticide or fungicide needed in the controlled environment. Eliminating soil usage means it helps preserve native land. All of these factors contribute to the sustainability of agriculture for generations to come.

Future Farm® Raised Bed

The dual-chamber modular grow system features high pressure aeroponics and provides a 32 sq. ft grow space. It is the answer to scalable commercial grow-room operations.

The root chambers sit on an “instant-expand” workstation made of aluminum alloy on wheels, allowing you to grow without bending or kneeling.

Future Farm® Low Bed

This low profile variation features high-pressure aeroponics and provides a 32 sq. ft. grow space.

It is sized to fit in vertical racks and enclosed pods, maximizing grow space. It comes with enhanced plumbing features designed to handle a vertical setup.

Future Farm® Clone Station

  • 722 plant cloning sites
  • High-pressure aeroponics
  • Seedling lights included
  • GrowOS Pro software included
  • Automated climate control support
  • Fast root growth in as few as 2 days

The Bifarm Clone Station is your solution for mass propagation. Whether you are cloning for sale or to grow, the Bifarm Clone Station was designed to maximize your growing area. This 32 sqft. Clone Station features 722 clone spots and the same reliable Bifarm technology as our Raised Bed system. It is fitted with an aluminum frame and comes with inbuilt lights for seedlings.



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