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Black Dog LED was founded in early 2010 after Corey, the founder, spent over a year looking for legitimate LED grow lights to fill his and his friends’ growing needs. Unfortunately, he spent a lot of money and time only to discover that no one had created a light powerful enough or with the correct spectrum for flowering plants and producing fruit. He knew the technology was available, but LED grow lights on the market were being advertised through a lot of obvious hype backed by little or no science, which meant that the latest technology had not been harnessed. It was this knowledge, as well as a desire to create a quality product that really worked, which led him to pour over 15 years of botany and horticulture knowledge into the predecessors to the Black Dog LED lights for growing plants that are offered today.

Our philosophy is simple: we want to create the best possible plant grow lights available. This means we don’t always worry about providing the cheapest light or even the most profitable light, but it does mean that we don’t cut any corners.

For over 8 years Black Dog LED(R) has been a proud leader in the design and manufacture of innovative high-power and high-yield LED grow lights. Our ETL certified, US-designed and manufactured grow lights use only the highest quality and efficiency LEDs from the world’s top manufacturers. By combining multiple discreet colors, we create the most complete full spectrum available from UV to IR, our proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum(R). With years of proven results, we are the growers’ choice for indoor grow lighting, delivering performance, design, and yields unmatched in the industry. Our new PhytoMAX-2(R) LED grow lights have been engineered to maximize intensity, provide industry-leading efficiency, and quality. PhytoMAX-2 maximizes yields by providing full, even coverage to the entire lighting footprint with a spectrum that takes your garden Beyond PAR(TM) to maximize plant quality.

We are a 100% research-based company, ensuring every grow light we create meets or exceeds expectations. We back all our claims with research, spectrometer measurements and grow tests to ensure you receive the highest yields, quality and service our customers have come to expect.



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