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Blue Diamond Ventures Inc.

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Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. is an emerging growth company incorporated under the laws of the United States of America in the state of Colorado. The company seeks opportunities within the Cannabis Industry to license technology solutions to operators and stakeholders, acquire and develop intellectual property, and to support and engage in research on medical cannabis products.

As a diversified customer centric Management / Holding Company; Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. seeks opportunities globally in various markets and is driven to surpass all expectations in its performance to achieve success.

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. is never afraid of new ideas or innovated technologies. On the contrary we strongly believe to be successful and to make meaningful advances you must embrace them

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. partners with businesses that choose innovation in both technologies and in their business model. The companies we partner with either as wholly owned subsidiaries or as joint venture partners operate within emerging growth markets here in the USA or in the global market. These companies share our vision and understanding that innovation is not limited to new technologies but that it is inclusive of the improvement related to current business models to improve efficiencies.

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc., seeks to build positive value for our shareholders. Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. will create value and inspire optimism by partnering with industry specific companies that share our vision. We at Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. value time and skills. Our overall objective is to focus on activities that provide comprehensive packages including consultation & implementation resulting in positive growth for our company and our partners.

Our objective is to work with companies that are positioned to capture market share via strong management, and innovative products and services



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