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BUFFALO MOLASSES LLC, family owned & operated, offers only the highest quality Sugar Cane molasses proudly grown here, in the USA. We offer excellence in everything we do from beginning to end.

A family owned and operated liquid feed business, BUFFALO MOLASSES provides only the highest quality Sugar Cane liquid molasses grown here, in the USA. Our molasses is Non-GMO certified through “Where Food Comes From, Inc”. Purchasing 100% of our conventional molasses directly from the Florida Sugar & Molasses Exchange we are proud to support US sugar cane growers. Purchasing exclusively from Florida guarantees product consistency, ease of traceability and top quality molasses that offers higher sugar and protein levels.

Our vision has always been dedicated to customer satisfaction through exclusive custom product formulations and unparalleled service. Our motto “Our service doesn’t end…with the end user”. We are always striving toward innovative product development and ingredient excellence for our customers. Our Ingredient suppliers are hand picked for their product quality, integrity and innovation they bring to the industry. From sales to operations to freight, our trained and dedicated staff work closely together with each customer to ensure their needs are not only met but exceed expectations. We offer complete nutritional and technical support to keep your molasses flowing smoothly, season to season.

Lick Tank Supplements: Buffalo Molasses offers our “Bronze 32%”, a completely “fortified” lick tank molasses based supplement for free choice feeding in lick tanks and for top dressing dairy and beef rations.

Dairy & Beef Producers: Buffalo Molasses offers domestic sugar cane molasses from Florida in our customized molasses blends for beef and dairy rations.

Soil Amendment: With the ever growing need to find cost effective methods that are both healthy for the plants, soil and the environment, Bio-Brix molasses is the solution.

Rum Distillery Molasses: Buffalo Molasses is proud to offer USA grown Non-GMO cane molasses and Certified Organic imported molasses for Rum Distilling.

Feed Manufacturer Products: To uphold industry integrity and product superiority, Buffalo Molasses has remained committed to the research and development of molasses based products that can assist customers with their bottom line—quality and profitability.

Certified Organic: Buffalo Molasses offers Certified Organic Molasses. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality organic sugar cane molasses in the industry since 2006 in our customized molasses blends for beef and dairy rations



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