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Burp Lids

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A revolutionary new way to cure your greens perfectly every time!

No more painstaking process burping your jars the old-fashioned way! Take your curing process to the next level and cure your green with our innovative burp lids.

The airlock valve technology embedded in our lids allows you to extract the stale air out of your jars easily using the pump. No more unscrewing lids everyday!

This genius new product eliminates the chances of mold and increases your chances for a fresh and successful cure!

For even more assurance, we include a free stale air extractor pump allowing you to create a vacuum seal inside the jar. This builds up negative pressure for you to burp fresh air into the jar.

With our BurpLids, not only will you never need to open the lids again, but every step of the process is made easy with a date tracker incorporated inside the lid with an easy release tab design.

The convenience and practicality of this method is unmatched, so for anyone serious about streamlining their curing process, there’s really no better choice on the market!



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