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CalyFx is a medicinal marijuana company that offers their medicine in an upscale delivery system. We take only the most beneficial parts of the cannabis plant to create our custom blends of cbd isolate, thc distillte and terpenes. The flavors and aromas of the blends are created from 100% plant based terpenes as well to help elevate the medicating experience. CalyFx addresses each of the top reasons patients have for seeking out medicinal cannabis and provide an option they can trust.
CalyFx had one of the fastest growing markets in mind when creating their upscale line of medicine, women who are new to cannabis, and adult children trying to help their ailing parents or other family members when modern medicine became too expensive and lack of results had failed them.

Our mission was simple. To create a line of medicine that had all of the benefits of marijuana without the smell, hassle or confusion faced when trying to learn about indicas, sativas, tinctures, concentrates and waxes.. We understand that especially when caring for loved ones, it is hard to have extra time to research and learn about the most effective cannabis treatments. CalyFx has removed the guesswork, providing a product line that you can trust to be high quality and high potency each and every time.

We created two signature delivery methods for our medicine.

Our disposable pen line is perfect for those new to cannabis, looking to elevate their lifestyles with a discreet, easy and odorless delivery system. Made of a solid high quality glass tank with ceramic coils, this 500ml breath activated pen will be ready to go when you are. Available in all 6 Custom blends.

Our rechargeable pen is perfect for those looking to use multiple blends throughout the day, or for people who are too busy to frequent their dispensary often. With its interchangeable, high quality 1 G glass cartridge this pen can cater to whatever needs your lifestyle may have in store.

Our Commitment:
With the ever-evolving landscape of this fast-growing industry, we feel it is our mandate to stay current with the latest research to guarantee that we are manufacturing a superior high-end product. Our constant consulting with patients and medical professionals in many different fields allows for breakthroughs in new formulas as we target health issues that before now, did not have many safe treatment options. We are passionate about creating true cannabis medicine to elevate every lifestyle. Make your health journey So Vaping Good

From Our Founder

When I first sought out vape pens as my delivery system of choice I was very disappointed with the available options. The oils were diluted or had pesticides, the pens would not work and leak, and they would only last 1-3 days. There were no real options that actually worked for me. After much trial and error and expense, I sought out a company that would make real medicine based on patients needs, not just strains recreated in a vape pen.

I love that the entire CalyRx line is made from only the most premium distillate, isolate and terpenes, and I enjoy their full line daily.

Before my morning run I use Endurance and Relief. I was never able to run before I tried CalyRx products. Endurance gives me what I need to get up and go and Relief keeps the aches at bay so I can enjoy my run back. Now with Relief and Endurance I can finally run for miles.

Shape Vape is my favorite! . As a past model, I know all too well how much an extra portion can ruin a day’s results. With Shape Vape I no longer have cravings or turn to bad food after enjoying wine with friends. I have truly seen results with Shape Vape!

Social is so much fun! I love the taste and it’s perfect when I want to go out with friends and I don’t want all of the calories from drinks, but I still want to enjoy all of the fun.

Sex…. Let’s just say I highly approve!

Sleep has helped me so much. I was never able to get a full 8 hours of sleep each night. I’d always wake up with my mind racing thinking about the day ahead. The Sleep pen is the only product natural or unnatural, that actually quiets my mind and body allowing me to rest. Waking up fully rested each morning has been priceless.

I highly recommend and look forward to using all of CalyRx’s products to elevate my lifestyle for many years to come!



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