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The world of medical cannabis is growing. The industry is still new and there is a lot that is unknown- despite the explosive growth. There are massive opportunities if you choose the right partner.

Cann10 is an active member of the medical cannabis industry. With offices and activities in more than 10 countries, Cann10 is also licensed in Israel to produce and will trade in medical cannabis. We are involved in growing, producing, marketers and we help investors make the right decisions. We understand every phase of medical cannabis from field to dispensary; from growing to marketing; and from science to helping people live a better life.

Intelligent Investing

In a business that is still considered by many to be extremely risky, there are many excellent opportunities to earn significant returns on investment. It all depends on who you invest with and what you are investing in. Cann10 has its own license, from the Israel Ministry of Health, to manufacture medical cannabis products. We also work around the world, so our outlook is global.

Cann10 doesn’t just talk about medical cannabis. We are involved every step of the way. For intelligent investing, speak to those in the business – and in the know.

Global Trade

Medical Cannabis is breaking down borders and becoming an important trade commodity. Cann10 is uniquely positioned to help fill supply gaps with top quality GMP-approved product from around the world. Thanks to our experience in the pharma world, we are aware of global requirements for shipping, licensing, trading and regulatory issues. We can save time, money and hassle and ensure you open new markets or get the high product you require.

Cann10 is currently developing new farms and production facilities in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia to supply everything from CBD and THC or CBD only, flowers to oils, tables to vaps. We are also developing our own branded line of Cannareet – products that will carry the approval GMP and all necessary local certification.

If you are a distributor, produce medical cannabis or require product, please contact us so we can meet your most demanding criteria.

Education Services

Although the world of medical cannabis is rapidly expanding, there is a lack of professional education available for those involved in growing, producing, prescribing and monitoring patients.

Joint University Programs

Cann10 has and continues to establish connections with leading universities to provide high-level courses for a wide range of students including investors, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, farmers, and producers. Currently, we offer certificate courses with Israel’s famed Technion and Australia’s Deakin University .This 32 hour course covers everything from plant physiology, growing, farming, medical knowledge, science, technology, marketing, branding, regulations, patient care and more.

Cann10 is interested in working with other leading universities. We provide the course content and the partner university provides lecturers and localizes content. For more information please contact us.


Cann10 is interested in taking an equity position in production facilities worldwide. We bring extensive experience, a well developed building, outfitting and preparation program together with the expertise to cut the time needed to turn an empty space into a revenue generating facility. We do not provide this as a service, but will provide the necessary know-how, plants, technologies and techniques to farms in which we are partners. We are currently involved in new projects in Canada, Portugal, Australia and other locations.



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