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CannaMoms is a nationwide 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of and access to alternative and supplemental healthcare options for critically or chronically ill, medically complex, and special needs children.

Moriah Barnhart is the Founder and CEO of CannaMoms and she is committed to changing state and federal cannabis laws. Moriah’s daughter, Dahlia, was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer at the age of two. Moriah had already been advocating for many years against the drugging of children and for increased parental rights in the care of American children. While fighting for Dahlia’s life, Moriah quickly found herself personally immersed in the fight against bad laws as well.

Within days of starting an experimental chemotherapy protocol, Dahlia began suffering severe side effects such as mouth sores, constant nausea and vomiting, atrophy of both legs, nerve damage, and severe chronic pain. Moriah discovered that a refusal of conventional medicine would result in losing custody of her daughter to the state (where treatments would be given without her consent). Her daughter was dying not only from the disease, but from its “treatment.”

After 6 painful months on chemo, Dahlia began cannabis oil in an illegal state (Tennessee). The results were immediate and drastic. She began sleeping through the night. She was no longer in constant pain. Her nausea subsided, her appetite returned, and she was no longer at risk for a feeding tube. After just a month, she had returned to a happy and playful little girl. After witnessing this transformation, her oncologist, who was initially uninterested in discussing cannabis in Dahlia’s care, left St. Jude to head up cannabis research in Georgia.

Moriah would have to choose between taking Dahlia to a legal state as a medical refugee or being a criminal in her home state. They temporarily relocated to Colorado where Moriah began petitioning for federal law changes and traveling to speak on behalf of legislative changes in her home state of Florida as well. She has since taken part in media nationwide and documentaries in several countries. She brought her entrepreneurial spirit and heart for nonprofit work with her into the world of cannabis when she founded CannaMoms in 2014 with a group of dedicated mothers. CannaMoms provides community and support to parents of suffering children and its mission is to raise awareness of, education about, and access to cannabis medicine for critically ill, chronically ill, special needs, and medically complex children. CannaMoms advocates for all strains of whole plant cannabis for patients of all ages and all ailments.

Moriah is a strong proponent of taking rights to one’s body and health back into the hands and homes of the patients and their caregivers. She fights diligently alongside those with the same mission and message for legislative changes on a federal and state level, and for rights and options in the care of suffering children and patients nationwide.



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