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Canna Solar offers complete turnkey energy saving solutions centered around energy efficiency in grow operations supplemented with solar electricity. Our customers enjoy the experience and expertise of our solar solutions that range from solar rooftop, solar ground mount, solar carport installations and battery storage systems to power your grow.

Meeting Unique Cannabis Solar Energy Needs

We provide solutions for small, medium and large growers to ensure they have control & predictability over energy costs as well as the piece of mind you won’t lose power with our battery back up solutions. We know what it takes to work in the highly regulated environments and understand the unique energy consumption needs that small and large grows require.

Large Energy Cost Reduction Means More Profits

Customers enjoy a minimum of 30% bill reduction per month with solar electricity. Most clients see an ROI in less than 5 years.

Who We Are

What is Canna Solar? You’ll be happy to know that Canna Solar is a professional, full service turnkey solar installation company. Our team is made up of commercial solar professionals with a rich history of construction management experience that encompasses a combined 35+ years of building commercial & industrial properties.

Canna Solar is formed by a team of professionals specialized in different areas of expertise that include, chief estimators, project managers, construction managers, electrical design engineers and solar engineers. It’s a collaborative effort from progressive thinkers that are passionate about building your solar project. In the energy intensive cannabis growing industry, you need a partnership with a team that has been there and done it. We’re the best in the industry and no project is too big or complex for us.

Why you should work with my team. Canna solar has a tremendous amount of knowledge of both the commercial cannabis grower and vast experiences in commercial building construction; carport, ground mount and roof mount solar system installation. We analyze your electricity profile, harvest cycles, and utility rate structure to create your customized renewable energy solution. You will maximize your solar system and battery storage system to minimize one of your biggest input costs, electricity and maximize your profit margins on each pound of product you sell.



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