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The Cannabis Business Growth team would like to be the first to welcome you to the Cannabis Industry. We are a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in assisting new entrants and cannabis start-ups navigate the complex regulatory framework required to operate a legal, compliant, licensed cannabis business.

Let’s face it, in the Cannabis Industry, experience matters. In the regulated market, mistakes are extremely expensive and the consequence could be losing a license. The industry is exploding and is extremely competitive. Simply stated, there is no room for failure. Success is hiring the best.

The Cannabis Business Growth Team brings tangible, real experience to the table and provides value-added guidance to clients. Our team is an aggressive group of creative problem solvers, who love the thrill of the competition, and work best under pressure. We treat every client as though their business is our business. The way we see it is that your success is our success. Our business is helping you win.

Business Planning

CBG can assist in designing your business plan, provide input on the best strategy to launch your business, and calculate your projected income. Our plans come Investor Ready – meaning that you will be proud of the look & feel of your plan and gain the attention you need to get funded.

Application Support

Completing a full Cannabis Application is difficult – each city is looking for something unique. The CBG team is happy to spearhead your cannabis business application. It takes a fine attention to detail to ensure that you have everything the city or state is asking for. We have the experience to pull it together quickly and accurately. Contact us today for a quote.

Compliance and Standard Operating Procedures

2019 is the year for compliance! We have read the rules and know what is required to operate a compliant cannabis business. CBG is happy to audit you standard operating procedures or your inventory to ensure that your business is playing by the rules.

If you would like to know more about the industry or are ready to launch your canna-business, we are here to help. With domestic and international cannabis experience, we have partnered with dozens of businesses coast-to-coast, and would be happy to help you join this exciting moment in history.



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