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CK Supply is the largest independent supplier of compressed gases, welding and cutting equipment, and dry ice in Missouri. Our six retail locations throughout Missouri & Illinois offer a combination of products, services, and technical support to meet your expectations.

Since 1948, CK Supply has been serving customers as a supplier of welding products, gases, and services. We invite everyone to “Discover the Difference” when dealing with CK Supply, Inc.

Rental Welder Program

CK Supply offers a leading welder rental program that features up-to-date and reliable equipment from top manufacturers. We believe in providing high-quality equipment that allows you to get the job done right. Our rental fleet includes the following machines:

  • Engine drives
  • Fume extractors
  • MIG welding machines
  • TIG welding machines
  • Stick welding machines
  • Wire feeders
  • Cylinder cages and carts
  • Magnetic drills
  • Plasma cutters
  • Spool guns
  • Welding cable
  • Dry ice blasting equipment

If you’re tired of unreliable rental equipment that fails to meet your expectations, contact CK Supply today to learn more about our affordable welding machine rental rates.

Welding Machine Repair

Many welders use their welding equipment in challenging conditions with dust, dirt, grime, and other substances. Partnering with an expert weld repair provider can be the difference between fixing a minor problem or purchasing a new unit. CK Supply offers welding machine repair services that quickly troubleshoot and diagnose equipment problems. Our team has experience working on most welding equipment models and minimizes downtime by quickly repairing your tools. Some of the advantages of our welding machine repair program include:

  • Onsite repairs
  • Extensive inventory of repair parts
  • Rental options
  • Certified warrant center for Miller, Lincoln, and Hypertherm equipment

Welding Training

The CK Supply team believes in helping clients master their welding procedures. That’s why we offer welding courses, training programs, product demonstrations, and process enhancement updates at our Technical Center. Our partnership with trusted brands allows us to introduce participants to the most up-to-date technology and techniques. We staff our training sessions with certified instructors to inspectors who answer any welding questions. Our welding education programs are available in multi- or single-day courses and provide the following advantages:

  • Individual or group sessions
  • Virtual and hands-on training
  • Specialized training for specific products

We also offer robotics and automation training programs for companies looking to implement these solutions into their facilities.


We offer industrial vending services that help companies reduce their indirect material spending. CK Supply’s partnership with SupplyPro allows us to manage and track workplace inventory, increase cost savings, and reduce consumption, waste, and theft. Our program increases productivity by providing full availability of important items and minimizes product runouts with automated ordering. We pride ourselves on being a solution provider and maintain a commitment to helping our customers meet their goals.

Inventory Management

Are you tired of surprise runouts impacting your company’s productivity? We offer an inventory management program that provides real-time measurements of the remaining product. Our intelligent dashboard alerts you to critical stock shortages and issues. This sensor-app system is available on iOS and Android phone systems and enables you to always be on top of your inventory.



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