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With Vertical & High-Density Farming, we can help you maximize your process from growth to storage to packaging and distribution.

Space is critical to successful vertical farming operations. In many areas, traditional warehouses are excellent facilities for grow operations. The issue is wasted vertical space in these facilities, as they feature high ceilings and unutilized vertical “cube”. A number of potential solutions are available for these operations to help you maximize space and produce product at a lower cost without compromising quality. These include:

Vertical Shelving & Racks 

Traditional industrial shelving can be used in vertical operations. These systems are typically tended to from ground level and manually attended. They reduce your nursery footprint by stacking multiple levels of plants in a compact space. Typically lights are installed on or around the shelves. This method may mean that you nurture smaller plants (in the cloning phase or vegetative cycle) before they flower and grow too tall for tighter shelf spaces. For other operations, taller vertical shelf spacing can be used to build a storage system that allows all phases of growth. This choice depends on your facility and process.

Cultivation Rooms

We help growers maximize the vertical cube (and profitability) with modular, clean growing facilities. When your cannabis operation requires end-to-end growth, drying, extraction and packing, consistency is key. You must consider the following:

  • Today’s regulatory climate
  • Potential future regulatory changes as the industry evolves
  • Product consistency and quality Security and consistency
  • Your ability to adapt, grow and change along with demands and the market

Secure Storage and Cultivation

Cannabis fits the classic definition of a desirable, small, easy-to-conceal product that is a prime target for theft and pilferage. Given the value per ounce, you must factor security into every aspect of your operation, from seed to sell. Security is about more than simply preventing theft, of course. You need to guard against employee pilferage and external thieves who will target your operation. The classic example is grocery distribution, where the most frequently stolen item tends to be tobacco due to its small size, easy concealment and relatively high value vs. weight ratio. Cisco-Eagle specializes in helping companies create secure storage facilities, using a variety of equipment and techniques.

Packaging Operations

Improve your packaging, handling, stocking and shipping operations to ensure quality and profitability. Due to the laws governing its legal use, cannabis must be packaged appropriately, and is subject to state regulations that vary across the board. In some instances, companies who want to standardize packaging across the board may find themselves at odds with various state regulations. What doesn’t change is the need to be efficient, effective and secure as product is packaged and processed for shipment or dispensary fulfillment. Cisco-Eagle can assist you with a variety of point-of-package solutions that help increase efficiency and throughput.




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