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Compton Grinders are the epitome of precision and excellence. They are designed to uphold the most efficient grinding techniques, making them the ultimate grinding tools. With paramount quality and designed for the comfort of the user, our grinders provide a smooth and effortless experience with results that will assure satisfaction.

There are many things that not only set our product apart from the competition, but make us far superior. For far too long grinders have not only stayed the same as far as design, purpose, efficiency, and quality while we here at Compton Grinders offer so much more. We have set a new standard in the industry rivaled by none, by creating an all American product designed to not only feel and work better, but last longer at the same level of efficiency than any other grinders available on the market.

We have improved the “Grinder” by adding essential game changing features and doing years of research and development. Compton Grinders have an enhanced and extremely comfortable grip design that in combination with our permanently attached frictionless ring create the smoothest rotations with incredible ease. In addition the bottom lip of the packing area has been engineered to distribute the flower residue in order to prevent the top and bottom lips from adhering to each other; making it much easier to use and allowing you to clean it less often. Another amazing feature that we have added to our product is the incredibly popular loading zone, allowing you to insert the flower without having to force it in or break it down into smaller amounts. This next feature seems to be the talk of the town; the incredible removable screen system consisting of an extremely innovative interlocking ring and tool making it easy to remove, clean or replace the screen. Last but not least our pollen catcher compartment has a sleek and rounded bottom outer rim removing the common problem that causes the accumulating pollen in that area to be very difficult to remove.

Our team of experts here at Compton Grinders sole purpose and mission is to create top of the line all American made products with innovative and progressive technology in order to provide our customers with great features that ease function and increase your relaxation time. All of our grinders come with a lifetime guarantee and an amazing customer service staff to take care of your every need.



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