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Cornelius CPAs is a public accounting firm that specializes in providing high quality accounting, audit, and tax services. We recognize our clients operate within a unique political, legal, and cultural environment. Our firm tailors its approach to respect and meet these needs.

Clients continue to choose Cornelius CPAs for their accounting and tax services because our firm works exclusively at building relationships and meeting their needs. We consistently offer a higher quality service than our competitors. Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles.

Cornelius CPAs is founded by Jordan Cornelius. Jordan recognized, early in his career, the industry needed a licensed public accounting firm that specializes in the distinctive needs of our clients. He saw existing accounting firms performing accounting engagements at unjustified prices while lacking qualifications, experience, and respect for their clients. Cornelius CPAs focuses on correcting this problems and works exclusively with retail cannabis centers, grow facilities, infused product manufacturers and other ancillary businesses.

Cornelius CPAs is founded on three principals that are an integral part of its operations:

  • Clients and employees are treated with a high degree of personal and professional respect.
  • Accounting, audit, and tax engagements are priced reasonably.
  • Accounting engagements are performed at a high work quality by professionals in a timely manner.

Jordan Cornelius, CPA CFE MBA

Jordan Cornelius is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and Fraud Examiner that has practiced in over 20 states with 100+ businesses and governmental entities. He has performed financial/compliance audits, fraud examinations, internal control evaluations, tax services, and accounting consulting. He has a dual Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance and also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

He recognized many marijuana facility owners lacked qualified, licensed accounting representation in Colorado. He chose to specialize in marijuana accounting and tax to help owners develop tax strategies to minimize the effects of 280E and also improve their financial reporting systems. He has worked with marijuana dispensaries, grow facilities, infused product manufacturers and ancillary marijuana product manufacturers over the last two years.



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