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Do you ever wonder why some nutrient brands work and many others don’t? It is because most nutrients are created as a general purpose blend and are supposed to be a “one size fits all” type of product. Diablo Nutrients is different because they were engineered for one purpose.

Diablo Nutrients were developed to help build and grow medical marijuana. Now many plants species have multiple strains but usually they have something in common and that is certain minerals or nutrients that they must have to show peak performance and attain maximum crop yields.

Occasionally you will have a plant or two that didn’t respond as well. Sometimes this can simply be the growing conditions of that plant or something inherent or genetic that prevents it from developing. Many factors affect the outcome in a plants development.

One theory is sometimes the plant is just not a “performer” just as all kids are not athletically inclined. But when you feed your cannabis crop specific nutrients like Diablo you are going to see 99% of your plants reach maximum genetic potential and crop yield. Why is this?

At Diablo Nutrients we have created a tailor-made formula that includes compounds and nutrients that build root structure, amplify and bulk up the size and number of flower sites and ingredients that enhance the nutrient compounds so the plant can use it faster and completely without any wasted energy. Diablo also has a product to enhance the oils and terpenes out-push which medical growers absolutely demand.

Why Switch to Diablo Nutrients?

Following the Diablo Nutrients program will give the grower exactly what he or she wants which is a headache free crop in less time with results that are unbelievable. For example many cannabis plants require a very specific level of copper or calcium and our research provided the information to create this very dialed in formula.

After several years of research and testing they were introduced in 2014 with tremendous acceptance and the Diablo brand has seen remarkable growth since then. Diablo Nutrients are now used by several commercial licensed medical growing facilities in the US and Canada on an exclusive basis with consistently strong performance. Many growers who have used the Diablo line continue to use it crop after crop because it performs like nothing else. Remember our product is very specific in what it was researched and engineered to do-PERFORM!



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