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E4 Bioscience helps cannabis investors and laboratory teams fund, design, build, equip, license, operate, and market compliant cannabis laboratories. Whether acquiring, building, or retrofitting a laboratory for cannabis safety testing, our team shares the expertise necessary to avoid delays, create sustainable revenue, and maintain compliance.

The principals of E4 Bioscience have obtained funding, built, and operated five (5) laboratories. We know what it takes, and we encourage you to ask anyone giving you advice to describe their relevant experience. Don’t let untested and unproven consultants handle your investment dollars.

Investor Research

The cannabis market is overhyped. As more and more states legalize recreational marijuana use, inexperienced players will flood the market, burn through funding, and try to recover by positioning themselves for a distressed acquisition or additional funding. Venture capital, private equity, and institutional investors should prepare for highly discounted opportunities in middle and lower middle markets.

A cannabis fund needs cannabis experts who can quickly gather financial, technical, and operational data and return cogent business intelligence. Let E4 Bioscience help you harvest flowers and eliminate seeds and stems.

Business Planning

Accurate financial planning for new laboratories and new services keeps investors and CFO’s awake at night. We know the importance of minimizing the variance between budgeted costs and actual costs by relying on our deep laboratory experience. Let us help you develop an accurate proforma so you can be confident about the investment raise amount and profitability.

Laboratory Design

Laboratories are highly specialized spaces and have unique design requirements. Employee workflow and safety, facility security, power requirements, industrial gas generation, hazardous waste management, fire suppression, and fume venting, are a few examples of design issues that must be addressed BEFORE construction starts.

Project Planning

Without a detailed plan and active project management, critical activities may be overlooked and result in unexpected time delays and additional cost. We use collaborative, electronic, project management tools to develop and share tasks and timelines that are regularly updated to show progress.

License Application

The pathway to opening a laboratory begins with obtaining a license. Licensure may seem like a straightforward process, but it is expensive, time consuming, and challenging. We demystify the application requirements and use state specific templates to quickly complete this extensive document.


Most examples of laboratory license suspension can be traced to non-compliance with state regulations and/or ISO accreditation requirements. We provide an array of products and services to help obtain and maintain a compliant status including the Compliant Cannabis™ quality management system, laboratory self-auditing tools, and on-site mock inspections.


The key technical hires for any laboratory are highly educated, expensive, and hard to recruit. You’ll need well written job descriptions that accurately describe the position requirements and expectations and you’ll need to know what questions to ask when interviewing. There are a lot of posers out there… Let us be your partner to recruit qualified staff.



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