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EYECHRONIC is an ad-based television network seamlessly broadcasting real-time content in cannabis shops across the United States. The company places advertisements integrated with relevant consumer engagement content at the only legal point of sale in the country; while offering valuable analytics through technology that tracks customer flow and network interaction. EYECHRONIC provides unique incentives for customers to interact with the displays; such as social media engagement, live polling via sms integration, mobile coupons, and industry leading news and entertainment content! With over eight years of industry experience, it is safe to say that our team’s skills are unparalleled in this industry. EYECHRONIC is growing, are you willing to grow with it?

The screens are installed free of charge to the dispensary in exchange for use of the space and revenue is generated from the sale of advertisements on the network. But this is not just a boring screen scrolling through ads. Eyechronic’s content is intended to get customers engaged through social media walls, text polling, news that is relevant to the cannabis community and entertaining content and videos from some of the most popular media outlets in cannabis.

The Eyechronic network blurs the line between place-based advertisement and traditional television. Through Eyechronic, the cannabis industry finally has a specialized platform that gives everyone in the industry a voice that is broadcast to the masses in the only legal place to purchase cannabis products.

  • Dispensaries will be able to plug specials and upcoming events;
  • Customers will be able to engage through text polling and social media interaction;
  • Government agencies & advocacy groups will be able to educate;
  • Content providers will have a secondary platform to push content and drive traffic; and
  • Advertisers, who are restricted from advertising on Google Adsense, Facebook, traditional television, syndicated radio and most print, will have a new medium to show the cannabis world what their product is all about through video advertisement.

As the first network of its kind in the industry, The Eyechronic network has experienced tremendous demand for access to its platform, including from some of the leading cannabis products and the State of Colorado, which broadcasts regulatory and educational materials through the Eyechronic network. It’s just a matter of raising the necessary capital to keep up with demand. This proves that the entire cannabis community is excited to engage on this unifying platform.

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