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Freshlight Agri improves the health and welfare of farm animals through their award-winning innovation which combines the air cleaning power of negative ionization with the health enhancing power of Full Spectrum Sunlight illumination.


Negative ions have a positive effect on our body and the air around us.  In nature, there is an abundance of negative ions near the ocean, in the rain forest or near a waterfall.  Not only do negative ions clean the air, our bodies respond in positive ways to the effects of negative ion exposure.  Corporate farming restricts access to natural negative ions and their benefits.  Our enclosed farming systems trap dust, pathogens and ammonia creating an unhealthy environment.  Dust and ammonia is a leading cause to COPD in farm workers. Scientific research shows that enriching the air with negative ions has a positive effect on air quality. Inhaling negatively ionized air promotes the concentration of oxygen in the blood, thereby improving the functioning of the organs and improves cell metabolism.

Freshlight utilizes a new ionization technology to create negative ions which has been proven to clean the air of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (dust) and ammonia.  Negative ions attach themselves to positively charged dust particles creating a magnet effect.  Dust particle are attracted to each other, become heavy and fall to the ground.  Dust is a major carrier of pathogens.  By removing the dust, we remove the mechanism that transports pathogens. Numerous studies have shown negative ionization’s ability to kill pathogens, i.e. bacteria, mold, fungus and viruses, both airborne and on surfaces.


All Freshlight lighting systems closely copy the balanced light spectrum of sunlight. Sunlight is comprised of all the colors of the rainbow plus UV A, B, and C. Freshlight beautifully balances each wavelength of light, leaving out the harmful UV C wavelength. Many companies claim they produce full spectrum lights but fail to balance the wavelengths or include UV A and B.


FreshlightAgri uses LED technology that has been rated with a power factor of 0.99. Our products have proven durable in commercial and agricultural settings. Highly efficient, long lasting, providing a healthier environment in a sustainable manner, constructed from materials that can be recycled and are biodegradable. Freshlight AGRI products are rated IP65 to IP67 making them ideal for the farming industry. Recognized by the Royal Haskoning DHV achieving their highest sustainability score of EN Green Label A.

At FreshlightAgri, we believe sustainability is about taking care of our present and future generations. That means we should respect the earth, must cherish our environment and make use of available natural resources without depleting existing stocks. In short, we believe in a balance between People, Planet and Profit.



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