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Deeply rooted in our history, coffee and tea transcend cultures, boarders and even religions. Some might say the same for cannabis. The term “Ganja” is often identified with the Rastafari movement, but the word itself has a much older history. In fact, “Ganja” is of Sanskrit origin dating back 2500-4000 years where references can be found in ancient Hindu texts. Much later “Ganja” was adopted by the Rastafari movement in the 1930’s and used as a symbol of liberation against oppression. With direct ties to Ethiopia, Rastafarians claim their flag, representing the three colors of Ethiopia – green for the land, gold for peace and hope, and red for strength – with the Lion of Judah. The Lion of Judah is one of the oldest religious symbols originating from Judaism and later used in Christianity. Used initially as a medicinal herb, the origins of coffee can also be traced to Ethiopia. Being that the Rastafari movement would not have existed without Ethiopia, it only seemed fitting to adopt the Lion of Judah and the colors of Ethiopia as a representation of Ganja Grindz Coffee Company.

As most things tend to change and evolve, so has Ganja Grindz Coffee Company. The next logical move was to make a bottled coffee, but not just any coffee – black coffee. With no sweeteners or additives to hide behind, Roastmaster’s Blend bottled coffee had to be amazing, and it is! Winning the Edibles List Best Coffee award in 2015 & 2016, Roastmaster’s Blend bottled coffee does not disappoint. Kept secret by five generations of French coffee roasters, Roastmaster’s Blend coffee is fair trade, nonGMO and 100% shade grown & sun-dried. Triple roasted locally, our coffee is a 3-bean blend of predominantly Colombian Supremo with French Roast and Viennese beans. Now, the combination of caffeine and cannabis is an amazing experience in itself. The cannabis offers a unique “chill” to compliment the “focus” of the caffeine.

At Ganja Grindz Coffee Company our goal is to provide you with the finest and most consistent cannabis infused products. It all began with a passion for cannabis and coffee. Back in a time when few cannabis coffee products were available, our team saw an obvious gap in the market. After months of research and hundreds of hours in the kitchen, we discovered that the acid in the coffee beans was degrading the THC producing an inconsistency in accuracy when dosing. Trying to think out of the box, we had the crazy idea to dose the packaging instead of the ingredients. The result was our first product – the infused coffee filter. This patented idea allows you to infuse any coffee with our proprietary oil blend. Now I know what you are thinking…what about the smell? Can I smell the cannabis while the coffee is brewing? And the answer is…no. There is absolutely no cannabis smell while brewing, and frankly very little cannabis taste. The premium cannabis THC distillate and 99% CBD crystalline isolate we use are processed such that there is very little plant matter remaining. We then developed the Brew Cup by using the same patented process – dosing the filter inside the cup with our oil blend, then once dry, we add the ingredients. By infusing the packaging instead of the ingredients, the actual infusion process happens right in front of your eyes when brewing.

Right now you can find Ganja Grindz Coffee Company products, both medical & 21 and older (state permitting) at licensed dispensaries in Arizona, California and Oregon with plans to expand throughout 2018. Our product line has grown to include coffee filters, tea bags, brew cups, tincture syrups and a slew of bottled beverages – coffee, apple cider & teas.

Ganja Grindz products offer a discrete, familiar and delicious way for you to Brew Your Buzz.



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