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Plan an exciting cannabis vacation in Jamaica! Cannabis friendly hotels, 420 deals, local dispensaries and lots more.

GanjaVacations is a portal for curated ganja vacation experiences in Jamaica – providing the kind of information (cannabis friendly hotels, dispensaries, tours and events, exclusive deals, etc.) needed to plan a ganja vacation on the island. So, whether your cannabis vacation interests are recreational, medicinal, culinary, cultural or whatever, our intention is to find it and describe it for you.

Cannabis vacations in Jamaica are very affordable

We know that the prime and, perhaps, only reason many of you will find us is because you are already thinking about a ganja vacation in Jamaica. Among other things you are looking for a good deal at a cannabis-friendly resort where you can consume freely and openly among like-minded enthusiasts. Those are the only resorts that you’ll find on this website! Our intention is to work with our hotel partners to offer memorable cannabis vacations in Jamaica at price points from budget to luxury in all regions of the island.

Loads of ganja related content too!

Information about our 420 vacation deals and cannabis-friendly resorts will, in time, be complemented by news, reviews, articles, stories, interviews and lots of other stuff for those interested in ganja related events, activities, personalities, places, etc. We also plan articles about weed’s ubiquity in the island’s culture. Some of this information will be fun, funny and even off-beat; all of it, engaging. And, much of it sourced from our team of locally based Jamaican writers and editors.

Stay at welcoming cannabis friendly resorts

Jamaica has many charming, small hotels at exotic locations with chic accommodations, great personal service and, exciting culinary adventures. The privacy, intimacy, picturesque locations and exquisite personal service afforded by these resorts make then an ideal match for the discerning cannabis tourist. Also, compared to the larger, well-known resorts, these boutique properties strive to offer an authentic Jamaican cultural experience. Many are already cannabis friendly; some enthusiastically so! Others see it as an exciting new business opportunity. Our intention is to offer a broad variety of cannabis vacations in Jamaica at interesting and exciting boutique resorts across the island – major resort areas; rustic seaside villages; remote, high mountain areas; and, even in Kingston.




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