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Gazelle Wind Power

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Gazelle Wind Power Limited was founded to accelerate the transition to renewable energies by introducing the next generation of advanced offshore wind platforms.

Governments around the world are driving to accelerate the transition to carbon-reducing sources of energy while maintaining a levelized cost of electricity so as to maintain the development of their economies.

Substantial wind energy development has, and continues to be developed on land. However, limitations on the availability of suitable sites have driven interest in capturing wind resources offshore. Deepwater sites have less visual impact and more consistency of available wind. However, current floating platform designs are expensive to build and deploy due to their bulk and vulnerabilities in the open sea.

It is in this climate that Gazelle Wind Power was born.

The Gazelle Wind Power hybrid floating platform significantly reduces costs and increases speed to market, making it a more affordable and accessible solution for deep water deployment.

The Gazelle has a pitch of less than 5 degrees, mooring loads are reduced by 50%, and with the benefit of 75% less mooring length achieves a 80% reduction for the footprint of catenary mooring when compared with current semi-submersible designs. It is also lighter than conventional platforms as it uses less steel and concrete. The platform can be assembled and scaled at existing harbours worldwide. 

The Gazelle platform is the only one of its kind to receive a statement of feasibility from DNV and combines sustainability with a positive economic impact. 



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