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Green CO2 Systems is the industry leading innovative CO2 delivery and service company that helps you save green and be green!

Indoor cultivation facility owners know how important it is to have a dependable and reliable CO2 supplier. From extraction systems and small facilities to facilities over 100,000 sq. ft. we have the equipment and experience to get the job done right! Currently providing CO2 Service to over 300 Indoor Cultivation Facilities and Extraction companies in CO and NV, with our industry leading technology, we’ve set new safety and efficiency standards in CO and NV by providing an “A to Z” CO2 Solution. From obtaining the required permits to installing approved alarm systems we understand your needs!

Our patented CO2 Systems utilizes high pressure cylinders, eliminating “venting” loss upwards of 30% in our competitors low pressure systems. Green CO2 Systems manufactures all of the equipment that we install. Green CO2 Systems offers 24/7 service and no long term contracts, clearly seperating ourselves from the competion.

Green CO2 Systems delivers carbon dioxide to restaurants, bars, microbreweries, gas stations, convenience stores and any other food-service venues where carbonated beverages are sold. Using proprietary equipment developed by Green CO2 co-founder Dan Schneider and proven by the company’s existing customer base for the past four years, Green CO2 uses its innovative technology to help business owners save costs. Deliveries can be made on a three-shift schedule, maximizing productivity and never interrupting business operations.

Changing the delivery method and eliminating the release of this greenhouse gas during refilling saves Green CO2 customers 30% to 50% of CO2 costs. Customers benefit in five main ways:

  1. Cost savings of between 30% and 50% (for a product that often already carries the business’ highest profit margin).
  2. Safety features that alert customers to potentially deadly leaks. Traditional systems totally lack this ability. Green CO2’s technology can actually lower property insurance premiums.
  3. Stationery tanks. The CO2 cylinders remain in place, eliminating the need to exchange empty cylinders with full ones. Moving these heavy, cumbersome cylinders is a leading cause of workers’ injuries. Not moving them results in decreased worker’s compensation claims and insurance rates.
  4. External servicing. Green CO2 cylinders are refilled from outside the building, eliminating disruptions to clients’ businesses.
  5. Proven cost effective technology. Green CO2 offers a true “green” innovation, one that is actually practical because it costs less instead of more. Many restaurants tout organic or “green” elements of their product lineup as a crucial element of their brands. This is not a hope or a hypothetical – this is a real, well-proven technology that is available today.

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Privately Held

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11-50 employees

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