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Green Fusion LED

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Eugene, Oregon USA


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The Team at Green Fusion LED consists of diverse individuals with broad experience and knowledge. Founded on decades of research and development by one of the world’s leading experts in lighting and optics Green Fusion LED strives to supply products that are long-lasting, eco-friendly and built with consumer considerations first.

Here at Green Fusion LED we adhere to the Hunter S. Thompson quote that “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” This carries through not only the building of our systems but also to the customer service provided. Throughout all stages of purchase we offer support to facilitate smooth and worry-free transitions and installations.

Green Fusion LED products far exceed other lighting systems. By switching from traditional HID lighting to our LLP (LED Lighting Protocol) a room can see as much as 50% reduction in energy consumption. Our LEDs use all input energy for light production and produce minimal heat from the light photons resulting in significant HVAC reduction. The lighting spectrum used does not contain harmful Ultraviolet radiation, improving the health of all living things under them: the plants and the people!

Energy efficiency incentives may be available from local utilities or Non-Government Organizations.

  • Builders – The lighting systems designed by Green Fusion LED are proudly built in Eugene, Oregon USA. Our multi-faceted team has built industrial-scale energy products, robotics, advanced food processing equipment, homes, race cars and much more!
  • Innovators – We have used several different lighting systems over the years quickly realizing that there was plenty of room for improvement. Our products greatly reduce heat, high energy costs, the amount of HVAC usage and bring to light a perfect harmless spectrum. Through decades of research and development, we offer a product line that is held to the highest standards and will fulfill every grower’s expectations.
  • Growers – As indoor cultivators, we intimately know how plants respond to environmental changes. From small home gardens to large warehouses, greenhouses and even the great outdoors our team has years of experience. We know the necessities and intricacies of growing and will not leave you out to dry.



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