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Securing your investment should be conducted by experienced, seasoned, subject matter experts, period! Our main focus is to identify physical and operational risks, develop mitigation strategies that are customized to your operation, and your budgets. We deliver results. These results are quickly apparent by how streamlined your overall operation becomes when integrating efficiency in the way your business is safeguarded. When our risk mitigation strategies, methodologies, and surveillance technology is the workhorse of your operations, it helps you run a smooth business. Our job, is your safety, and keeping your business growing.

Green Group Logistics is a Green Group Global LLC. division created to provide our security and secured logistics service to the Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Industry. We are a premier security and compliance solution for growers, processors, laboratories, dispensaries, and their supporting businesses. As important as it is to have great product, educate your customers of the benefits and developing a great location, one equally important item is surprisingly often overlooked: security.

Security is a part of compliance that cannot be overlooked. At Green Group Logistics, we have streamlined the processes of safeguarding your business from inception to its many phases of maturity. Long term business continuity is the ultimate goal we strive to achieve for our clients. We offer customized security solutions focused on identifying, mitigating, and managing physical, as well as operational risks that when not prioritized as early as the planning phase, will negatively impact a business. From wrong positioning of cameras, installing the proper doors, conducting proper background checks on your staff, establishing off limit areas and safeguarding them, proper client ID process, active shooter training, keeping up with OMMA state regulations on transport are just some of the examples that create safety issues, compliance failures, loss of time, loss of money, and your reputation. Fixing these issues once operational, become costlier than getting it right the first time.

As Federal Laws and regulations continue to develop, it is imperative to take a proactive approach to not just identify but manage risks. Staying abreast of all compliance rules, implementing, managing, and maintaining these processes can become overwhelming. For this reason, Green Group believes that a turnkey security and compliance solution is effective. Why? Less hands in the pot the better (no pun intended). Partnered with a professional, and experienced firm that enforces confidentiality, is local to Oklahoma, licensed with OMMA, is insured, bonded and fully vetted by the state of Oklahoma makes us reachable. We alleviate stresses from management, so they can focus on running a successful operation.

We are an organization comprised of veterans of the military in addition to local and federal law enforcement officers that’s been established in the state since 2013. Before that, the same principals owned and managed a company right here in Oklahoma, that proudly served and supported our Troops overseas in logistics, protecting high valued clients, and assets. We do not lack for real world experience! With that experience comes proven methods, established policies, and procedures, as well as a matured staff who is solution driven. All of this experience, we’ve taken a hard look at what we’ve learned, and applied them to the needs of the cannabis industry and applied those lessons where it fits.



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