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Green Jay

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At Green-Jay we make smoking accessories that take you to new places.

Our Products:

  • The Single

    Keeps your pre-rolls fresh and in one piece, wherever you end up.

    • WATER RESISTANT: Catching waves, crossing streams, or just weathering a downpour in the city? No worries. Green Jay keeps water and humidity out, so your pre-roll is always nice and dry. Don’t hesitate.
    • CHILD RESISTANT: The single has child resistant certification keeping unwanted visitors from finding what is inside. The Single Container meets the child resistant criteria set forth by the C.P.S.C., as published in the Federal Register dated July 21, 1995 pgs. 37710-37744 re 16 CFR parts 1700.15 and 1700.20.
    • BUILT TOUGH: Made with high-grade aluminum, Green Jay can take it. Stash it in your bag, pocket, or wherever and know your pre-roll will be perfect as the day it was rolled, no matter where you wander.
    • DISCREET DESIGN: Our beautiful, minimal design fits right in with the things you carry everyday. The single keeps your pre-roll’s freshness sealed in while minimizing external odor. No one else needs to know.
  • Pre-Roll Lighter:

    Light your pre-rolls wherever you go.

    • NO FUEL, NO FLAME: Hiking off trail, camping with your friends, or just hanging out at home? No worries. The Green jay windproof lighter is the combustion free solution to light your pre-rolls wherever you go.
    • RECHARGABLE: Light your pre-rolls the greenest way. With our re-chargeable lighter, you won’t be buying more bic lighters. Our long-lasting battery is conveniently charged with any mini USB cable.
    • DISCREET DESIGN: Our beautiful, minimal design astonishes everyone. Bring it with you. You will be the hero of the group.
  • Smooth Grinder:

    The smoothest grinder you will own.

    • BUILT TOUGH: Made with aircraft grade aluminum for the longest durability. The anodized aluminum prevents smudge marks.
    • 4 PIECES: The kief collection system keeps the extra with no mess and the neodymium magnets keep the grinder closed tight.



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