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Focus on Growing. We’ll Focus on Everything Else.

While you are doing what you are passionate about, Green Key Solutions is there ensuring you have what you need, when you need it. Green Key helps Licensed Producers with everything from Greenhouses to the daily consumables every grow operation requires. So, you can do what you do best and start your business day with the confidence you have what you need to grow your best!


Lighting represents one of the largest costs when setting up a facility. Ensuring you choose the right type of lighting based on your specific manufacturing variables in addition to receiving the best value is the trick. Every manufacturer claims to have the best lighting for all applications but that simply is not true. Green Key Solutions supplies every lighting type and brand ensuring you get the correct Solution to maximize yield as well as return on investment.


Environment is one of the most important contributors to yield. Being a couple degrees off optimal or off on humidity or any number of issues can cause all sorts of issues in addition to low yield, including creating hermaphrodites which can seed your entire crop. Green Key has the Solutions you need to optimize your environment and grow your best.

Growing Medium

Contaminants in growing medium can and will be absorbed by the plant. Ensuring Licensed Producers have clean, correct and consistent medium is key to ensuring compliant crop yields and offsetting liability. Green Key Solutions has the direct sources to ensure you have the cleanest medium of that type available. From tested rockwool, to RHP, inland sourced, triple-washed and buffered coir to clean clay pellets, Green Key has the best products at factory direct pricing.

Nutrients, Additives and Supplement

Green Key offers an extensive line of products to feed and ensure plant health. Whether you use liquids, dry mixes or if you have evolved to the lowest cost method of growing, using Mineral Salts, Green Key Solutions stocks and supplies the products you buy today and will need tomorrow.

Pest and Disease Control

Minimizing pests and disease in an environmentally responsible way is critical. Green Key Solutions offers a full line of SB25 and OMRI listed products which achieve the balance of environmentally responsible while virtually eliminating pest and disease when applied in the proper regiment. Green Key has the Solutions needed to meet and exceed GMO standards.

Pots, Containers, Tables and Trays

Plants need to grow in and on something. Green Key Solutions offers all the products you need to maximize your individual growing space and environment. From 1 gallon planter pots used for sea-of-green to 200 gallon fabric pots used to grow trees, from small 4’ x 8’ tables and trays to monster 5’ x 20’ or longer tables and trays, Green Key has your Solution.

Watering and Irrigation

Green Key Solutions not only knows what you need we supply our expertise for free to aid you in the design of your irrigation system. This expertise is hard earned over many years of room building and is now available to Licensed Producers for free, so Green Key Solutions not only supplies Licensed Producers with the best products at the best price, Greek Key also provides the expertise needed to ensure success.

Garden Tools and Accessories

Whether you are looking for direct import tools or the best Fiskars garden products, Green Key Solutions has you covered. Licensed Producers need great performing tools to properly maintain and harvest. Green Key Solutions has the Tool and accessories Licensed Producers need.



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