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Green Rebates is the only energy rebate and incentive company that specializes is horticulture.

We help commercial indoor and greenhouse growers get paid for implementing efficient grow equipment and lighting. Our customers have received millions of dollars in cash for everything from LED grow lights, HVAC, to Dehumidifiers and more!

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in commercial horticulture, hydroponics, LED grow lighting design and implementation, energy rebate and incentive programs, and maximizing rebates.

We strive to get our clients the most money possible from incentives while ensuring they have the best equipment possible in order to optimize their yields, quality, and profits!

Huge Savings

With some rebates covering up to 100% of your project costs you can’t afford to work with anyone who isn’t sure to get you the most money possible. Getting you the maximum rebate possible is what Green Rebates does best!

Rebates Made Easy

Rebates are complicated and time consuming. Horticulture rebates are even more so. Many of the rebate program managers don’t understand horticulture, which makes it even more important for you to work with rebate experts who do.

Horticulture Experts

Green Rebates are the leading experts in horticulture rebates. With an extensive experience in commercial growing, LED grow lighting, facility design, efficiency and incentives. This is why we know nobody can get you a bigger and faster rebate than Green Rebates.



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