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G&V Greenhouse Solutions LLC is multi-faceted company for the greenhouse industry. We mainly do building and installations for greenhouses. We give the highest quality choice for, builders and most importantly what the trends are in the future. All G&V employees hold OSHA certifications. This gives G&V the ability to get more OSHA regulated jobs located in municipalities, and areas when dealing with general contractors.

We represent Holland Scherming, Holland Gaas, and Hoogendoorn. These companies have provided great support to G&V Greenhouse solutions LLC. They have slowly developed relationships over the years and provide up to date innovations for our customers. It took three years to partner ourselves with Hoogendoorn. G&V believes that Hoogendoorns products; dealing with computer systems is the easiest to learn, it is proactive system if used properly so no micromanagement is needed by the grower, and believe it is the easiest to add on to. These companies make it easy for G&V to sell their product and give their customers support along the way.

We work with many builders/manufactures including but not limited to; Havecon, Dalsem, Gakon, American greenhouse manufacturers, and Canadian greenhouse suppliers. We also work with installation providers such as Stolze, Art Techno, Holland Scherming, Holland Gaas. We do business with many other suppliers from the Netherlands and the USA as well.

G&V Greenhouse solutions LLC. has Dutch supervisors and American supervisors. Our Dutchman are training our Americans to learn how to build and do installations. We see the need in the future for more qualified builders and installation specialists. Our Dutchmen have many different specialties that are very well known to the industry. They both have different specialties that makes the team very strong and complete team. They are overly qualified and support our company and its expansion.

G&V Greenhouse Solutions/Construction has been meeting customer needs in the United States, Mexico, & the Caribbean Greenhouse Industry for over 13 years. We are focused on providing Greenhouse Consulting, Greenhouse Construction Supervision, and Installation Services. We are proud of our knowledge and experience thru our Dutch heritage and American business style. We employ highly qualified supervisors who have experience building/installing every style of greenhouse to ensure we can bring you the quality and solutions your company deserves. We work with reputable companies in the United States & Holland to bring you the supplies you need, when you need them. We listen to your needs as every greenhouse is different and know your solutions are needed quickly.

Our Services

  • Consulting: For investment companies, universities, start ups, and more.
  • New Construction: We are available for building, project management & installations.
  • Current Structures: We can give advice on structures from just built to 20+ years old, even retrofitting. We know sometimes an outside opinion can give your operation the solution you have been seeking.
  • Greenhouse Project Management: Whether you have 1 acre or 140+ acres to build we can be your eyes. We will go through the process with you, and insure that your project is built to scope and on schedule.

We are also available to get you Greenhouse Supplies. We understand your needs are unique to your greenhouse and a solution is urgently needed. You may need crop wire, new lights, a gear that has been impossible to find. Let us save you the time of tracking down the parts you need and assist on the installation.

We pride ourselves in our long history of accomplishments through our partnerships with our customers. We treat each project as if it were our own greenhouse by striving for perfection, which leads to repeat customers. Sometimes during the planning and building phases unforeseen circumstances arise and we will offer solutions to guide you thru. We want you to be happy during every step of the process.



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