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Successfully obtaining a Hawaii Medical Marijuana Dispensary license is just the beginning. As the successful eight licensees set up their “vertically integrated” businesses, Dispensary, Cultivation and Production, there are a myriad of complex and detailed Federal and State laws and Regulations that must be thoroughly understood and complied with. Given that each licensee may operate two of each business, there are potentially six separate compliance areas to comply with.

Stephen P. Pingree, J.D. is available to consult with licensees and participate on their Board of Advisors. He is also available to consult with tax professionals or clients that have been contacted by the IRS or the State of Hawaii Tax Department.

For over 35 years Stephen P. Pingree, Attorney at Law has practiced in the area of Federal White Collar Financial Criminal Defense focusing on tax evasion and money laundering crimes throughout the United States. As well as instructing Anti Money Laundering, AML, classes, Stephen is the Director of Marketing Asia Region for AMLAware LLC, Money laundering and financial offshore accounts and businesses are coming under increasing US and foreign government regulation and compliance. All financial institutions, domestic and foreign, and businesses that deal with financial institutions are subject to complex and complicated International and local government regulatory laws. Stephen helps businesses, like Medical Marijuana businesses, deal with the regulations to remain in compliance.

Stephen has legal and business experience in the development of Medical Marijuana Business in Nevada. He emphasizes consulting with Medical Marijuana Dispensary licensees to navigate the complex Federal and State laws and the complex regulatory rules to operate a legal and successful MMJ business. The State of Hawaii in July 2015 enacted Act 241 legalizing the licensing of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Cultivation and Production centers. Hawaii has a “vertical” license structure that means the MMJ Dispensary Licensee must operate three separate businesses: Dispensary, Cultivation and Production. An integral function of operating these businesses will be to thoroughly understand and comply with complex and detailed Federal and State regulations relevant to each business.

A major issue for MMJ businesses is to obtain a bank account as banks are very concerned about being a party to, or being accused of, money laundering. Stephen as a AML expert is in a unique position to help any business or individual avoid or defend money laundering accusations.



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