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Now made in the USA in the gardening mecca of Humboldt County, House & Garden Nutrients offers complete plant nutrition and crop success with a combination of exclusive raw materials, field testing, and expert consulting. This success has been achieved in close cooperation with farmers, botanists, and biochemists.

House & Garden has gradually become the most reliable and successful supplier and producer of plant nutrients. This success has been achieved in close cooperation with scientists, laboratory technicians and physicists, each of who are specialized in different branches of botany. These nutrients, which are made of an entirely new composition, structure, and method of preparation have turned out to have hit the bull’s eye and have attracted a substantial number of loyal and satisfied users worldwide.

House & Garden is the only fertilizer company that maintains its own laboratory giving them a clear advantage in the field of research and developing new products. House & Garden constantly tests each batch of fertilizer for consistent quality as well as test each new product in their greenhouses before sending them to market. House & Garden also maintains its own fertilizer manufacturing facility further ensuring you receive the highest quality products available.

House & Garden Nutrients has relocated from the small town of Almere, just outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands to the heart of the Emerald Triangle in the USA. The creator of the nutrient line, William Van de Zwaan, has been in the horticulture industry his entire life resulting in his passion for gardening as well as creating the highest quality fertilizers available on the world market. Williamis family owns several greenhouses which produce roses for sale at the Aalsmeer Flower Auction, the worldis largest flower auction. Before designing the House & Garden line of nutrients in 1990, William Van de Zwaan spent time developing other leading fertilizers in Holland, no doubt giving him the expertise he used to create the nutrients line he branded with his family name. After over twenty years of success in Holland, we built a state of the art zero waste facility in Humboldt County, California, bringing over 100 jobs to the Tri County area. H&G continues to brew in small batches, micro-brewed using the best ingredients available anywhere. The top-secret formulations are utilized successfully by commercial gardeners, greenhouse operations, and hydroponic facilities all over the world to yield finished flower that is unparalleled. The company itself is family-owned and will not be bought out by any agricultural mega-corporations.



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