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Hummingbird Preroll Systems’ mission is to revolutionize the preroll manufacturing industry with our innovative, user-friendly machines.

Before we founded Hummingbird Preroll Systems, we spent years looking for an ideal solution to fit our needs.

After a number of disappointing experiences with other offerings in the marketplace we decided that in order to achieve the perfect preroll we would need to develop our own solution. Over time, we learned that vibratory and tamping based platforms all share the same fundamental issue: they output prerolls that are either too loose or too tight, ultimately leading to an uneven burn.

Experience taught us that perfectly packed preroll cones have three key characteristics; higher material density near the crutch to provide support, lower material density near the tip to make them easy to ignite, and a smooth density gradient in between to provide a consistent burn from start to finish. Rather than approaching this problem with subtle variations on the same basic concept, our plan was to develop a robust platform that uses centrifugal force to achieve a perfect density profile. We put together a prototype and knew immediately that we had a preroll packing wonder.

As manufacturers ourselves, we used what would go on to become the first PR-1 prototype for many years to reliably produce amazing prerolls for our customers. And now, after 12 months of further refinement and testing, we are ready to share the wonder with you.



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