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With over 40 years of experience in horticultural growing equipment and lighting, Hydrofarm leads the industry with the right products, technical expertise, and customer support for growing efficiency and profitability in their operations. Hydrofarm is based in Northern California, with a network of ten distribution centers across North America and Europe providing convenient service to customers on two continents.

Hydrofarm Commercial Solutions is a business-to-business company and does not sell direct to the public. We recognize that large commercial growers have specialized needs with lighting layouts, stock availability, delivery options, bulk pricing, and post-sale support. We have a select group of preferred retailer partners available to support your commercial product needs. Our preferred retail partners are equipped to offer the absolute best pricing and prompt support for your commercial operation.


  • Lighting: A critical component of any successful horticultural project is lighting. Check out our offering to confirm the best possible choice to increase your yield, efficiency, and profitability.
  • Hydroponics: From flood trays to rolling benches, ebb and flow systems and more, we offer a great selection of hydroponic systems and components that are perfectly suited to the commercial setting.
  • Climate Control: Take control of the critical environmental factors in your grow space with our extensive array of products for climate control including controllers, ventilation fans, and air filters.
  • Nutrients & Additives: Fertilizers and biostimulants are stocked in a wide variety of brands and sizes to suit the needs of commercial applications. From mineral salts in powder and liquid form to certified organic products, we have you covered.
  • Plant Care: Integrated pest management requires multiple products to prevent and control insect populations. We offer conventional and organic treatments to protect valuable plants.
  • Seed Starting: Clones and seedlings are key to any agricultural production site. With our wide array of propagation flats, domes, plugs, cloning machines, and accessories, your facility can always be ready to generate more plantstock.
  • Food Storage: Whether you prefer glass, stainless steel, nylon, or vacuum technology, our food-safe storage containers and sealers provide the perfect storage solution for your valuable inventory.
  • Garden Accessories: This diverse category includes a wide range of helpful products to assist you in your horticultural production efforts including trellis netting, stakes, pruners, and much more.
  • Growing Media: Find the ideal media option for your production environment among our selection of clean, pH-neutral substrates which includes our house-branded clay aggregate, coco coir products, soils, coir-based mixes, and rockwool.



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