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INTEK Corporation is a manufacturer of energy-efficient ovens for industrial and commercial process heating, dryers and elements for organic materials, heaters for space heating, as well as production automation, material handling, process engineering, and fully-integrated turn-key solutions.

INTEK specializes in customized process heating solutions of all sorts.  Some applications require intense, short wave infrared bulbs that produce 2,500°F.  However, for processing organic material such as the application that is using the oven in the attached photo, you don’t want intense heat that can scorch and ruin your product – the best answer is gentle and controllable longwave infrared heat.  The chicken manure that this customer – a commercial egg farm – is processing works as an outstanding organic fertilizer for plants due in part to the active bacteria and other ingredients contained inside.  These key ingredients are extremely sensitive to heat, so you can’t hit it with too much or you’ll kill the good stuff.  At the same time, it needs to be carefully dried to a specific moisture level before going into its packaging.  Too wet and it rots.  Too dry and you lose the fertilizer’s effectiveness by removing the bacteria’s growth habitat.  There’s a similar fine balance in the drying and processing of cannabis if I understand correctly, and that’s why an INTEK infrared oven would be perfect for that industry.

Benefits of INTEK infrared ovens:

  • Our emitters have a controllability tolerance of less than 5°F to give the user full control over the product temperature.
  • Optional convection (moving air) additions allows an alternate heating method to work in conjunction with the infrared or work alone with the IR section turned off.
  • Optional powered exhaust pulls the moisture out of the heat zone and even allows for air filtration to remove smell and other contaminates.

Just let us know what you need from us or if we can speak with someone concerning their process, and we’ll provide a process analysis and detailed estimate free of charge.

INTEK customized industrial ovens, dryers, patented electric infrared heating elements and infrared heaters are designed to match the most demanding process heating requirements appealing to end users and OEM’s worldwide. To help improve your production and profitability, INTEK can build a single heating element, an assembled heater module array or a completely automated oven system for curing, pre-drying and drying, paint finishing, packaging, vacuum forming, textile finishing, heat setting or preheating.

QUICK SILVER™ flash dryers such as the QUICKFLASH™, AUTOFLASH™, and ‘C’-models provide any screen printer, beginner to professional, with durable long-lasting infrared tools that improve efficiency and withstand the harshest conditions of the modern screen print shop. Our patented, high-efficiency INTEK heating elements are used in every QUICK SILVER™ flash dryer and heater that we build.

The STEALTH ™ and ZONALL ™ space heaters include INTEK’s patented electric infrared flat panel heating element. With no moving parts, the STEALTH and ZONALL heaters are 100% efficient and produce more useable heat than conventional electric space heaters.

In addition to a complete line of proprietary products, INTEK provides parts service and repair for dryers and ovens of any make or model.



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