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345 High Street, Bradford, PA 16701, USA


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With a highly skilled and professional staff and our strong relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, Kessel is committed to delivering superior performance on every project.

In addition to our outstanding reputation and years of experience, Kessel operates with integrity and tenacity coupled with a notable safety record. Kessel is a design-build construction company focused on getting the job done and getting it done right. We are experts at design-build and have the know-how and expertise to construct energy efficient buildings. Contact Kessel today and let us provide a cost-effective solution to your building project.


Design-build is a project delivery system in which Kessel serves as the lead contact with the project owner to provide design services and construction. As the single source of responsibility, we build a collaborative team that can include design professionals; Kessel supplied or owners’ architect or Kessel supplied engineer. By integrating design and construction, Kessel can successfully complete projects more efficiently, more cost effectively and with optimized quality.

General Construction

As a general contractor, Kessel’s capabilities include industrial, oil and gas, commercial, retail, auto and motorcycle dealerships and community projects. Kessel can take care of every detail from initial site development through final landscaping and everything in between. We provide all the necessary materials, labor, equipment and services for all of our projects.

Oil & Gas

Kessel Construction has spent three generations in the oil and gas fields. Since 1934, we’ve been providing construction services for E&P and midstream companies throughout the northeast. With our home base located in Bradford, PA we are situated in the thick of a booming oil and gas producing area. Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the oldest, largest and most recognized oil and gas producers in the northeast.


Kessel is a leader in commercial and industrial concrete construction. We provide high quality poured concrete floors and slabs, building and tank foundations, foundation walls, press pits and trenches, tank bottoms, compressor pads and much more. Our building foundations are poured concrete, reinforced with rebar.

Kessel also specializes in concrete construction for compressor pads, tank, kiln and machine foundations and in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our capabilities include elevated slabs and heavy duty mezzanine structures. No matter what the project entails, Kessel takes every measure to ensure the performance and integrity of all our concrete pours.

Butler® Building Systems

Kessel Construction, Inc. is proud to be one of the oldest Butler building franchises in the United States and as one of only a small group of Butler builders, Kessel has more years invested.

Currently, Kessel Construction has sold nearly $50 million in Butler products and as a result, has received numerous honors as a Butler builder including Volume Builder, Million Dollar Builder and High Performance Builder of the Year. Kessel is also a member of Butler’s Falcon Club. This membership was earned by being on Butler’s advisory board multiple times throughout the years as well as for our service to fellow Butler Builders.

Metal Roofing/Re-roofing

Kessel Construction excels at re-roofing projects that range from simple metal-over-metal to complex redesigns. As a Butler® builder, we utilize Butler® roof systems that are recognized as the industry leader for long lasting, energy efficiency, weather tight and maintenance free. Various options are available including architectural systems that accommodate higher slopes and offer greater aesthetics and efficiency.



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