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King Pen Vapes are a group of vapers with a wide range of interests and experiences that have come together to create more efficiency and knowledge in choosing the right vaporizers and accessories. Our main goal is to not only help you choose the right one but also help you gain more knowledge. With a dedicated and friendly staff, our customer service is happy to give any specific or general information on vaporizers and accessories.

When it comes to inventory, we put our foot down. So much experience from our staff we have learned through experience and have perfected our vendors, price, quality, service and even inventory. We have taken note that many of our competitors tend to stick to the high end vaporizers and other vaporizers that are more affordable were nowhere to be found. Instead of focusing on one thing, we decided it’s better to have a broad range so our customers can choose and show us what you like. King Pen Vapes believes having a wide selection with honest and thorough information of the product; we can create more efficiency in what the market demands. At the end of the day, we trust our customers enough to believe they are helping us in the right path to serve our future customers as best as we can.

King Pen Vapes is a company that strives to be the most trusted name in the industry and this can only be done with your loyalty. Due to the fast paced industry, we need to always be changing but sticking to the fundamentals. The number one way we keep this process under control is by your feedback and help. We love to hear from you and what you think whether it is positive or negative. Please take some time to visit our website and check out our new updates and let us know what you think, suggest, write reviews, and hang out!



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