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Level7 is dedicated to partnering with our clients to develop engaging, memorable messages in an omni-channel era – using our decades of experience in digital and direct mail advertising, knowledge of current trends and behaviors, and best practices in consumer communication.

If you boil marketing down to its lowest common denominator, it’s about connecting people with brands. The Level7 team is passionate about crafting the perfect marketing message and utilizing the right mix of marketing channels to help your brand craft your human connection.

Digital Marketing

The way to conquer your digital market is not with a shotgun approach, in fact, that approach will only result in wasted ad spend. It takes skilled operators to execute an effective mix of digital campaigns with very specific timing to achieve the best results. Your customers’ attention is changing. Make sure your strategy changes with it.

Facebook Marketing: Our focus on Facebook advertising is understanding and mastering the different variables that go into the Facebook algorithm, and making informed decisions on which levers will generate results. Let us employ years of experience and help you save both time and advertising dollars.

Google Adwords: We design and execute our Google Ads campaigns to allow you to expand your practice and build upon your other advertising platforms. Many agencies can perform well on one advertising channel, but we know how to make them work together to produce outsized results.

Email Marketing: An effective email marketing campaign requires a very specific approach to both content and copy. Everything from the subject line to the time the email is sent is pivotal to whether the email gets opened or not. But, we all know it’s not just about the open, its about the conversion as well. Our unique way of testing ensures you have the highest possible chance at converting a prospect into a lifelong customer.

Direct Mail Marketing

Level7’s direct mail services are at the intersection of new school data-driven marketing and old school straight to the source marketing. We use targeted lists to pinpoint your ideal customer and reach them when they’re most likely to convert. Trust your direct mail investment to the people who know it better.

Targeted List: Quality of data can make or break a direct mail campaign. Our database is cleaned against the NCOA (National Change of Address) every 7 days to ensure that your hard earned marketing dollars work for you.

Proven Creative: Our team has collectively over 40 years of experience in direct marketing. From conceptual creative to proven performers, we’ve got you covered. 

On-Time In Home Dates: The success of a direct mail campaign relies heavily on when that mail hits homes. Level7 believes paying a little extra for drop shipping via FedEx is the only and most reliable way for your mail to hit homes on time. Say goodbye to missed in home dates with Level7. 



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