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Meredith Briske is the owner and creator of Mama Meras Medibles. Ever since she was a child she has had a passion for baking. She was always making homemade treats that the family could enjoy. She has also been an avid marijuana supporter since she was able to discover that the herb was actually helpful for people. She realized that marijuana was not in fact as harmful as old government propaganda had claimed that it was.

Now, recent studies have shown that marijuana does indeed have numerous medicinal benefits for a plethora of different, and unrelated, diseases. People everywhere are also starting to change the popular belief that the government pushed on us in the sixties and seventies. People are starting to realize that:

  1. Marijuana has many beneficial health effects for many diseases.
  2. Marijuana is less harmful than popular pharmaceutical alternatives.
  3. Marijuana can just plain ease your mind.

Now as a result of this social paradigm shift, we now see 26 different states voting to legalize marijuana for medicinal use and/or to largely decriminalize the plant. Eight of those states, and the District of Columbia, have now legalized marijuana for recreational use. These states include: Maine, Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and now California. Proposition 64 allowed any person over the age of 21 to possess an ounce and grow up to six cannabis plants. Tax and licensing laws are to be implemented by January 18th, 2018. Which got Mama Mera thinking…

Seeing opportunity to work in the field she has always wanted to work in, she came up with a plan. Being a struggling single mother with her two excellent boys, she needed a break. She needed to get out of the corporate rat-race that she seemed to be caught in. She thought, this could be my chance! Taking her love for medicinal marijuana, and her passion for cooking delicious edibles that everybody raves about led her to create Mama Meras Medibles.

Mama Meras Medibles is a family business that employs Meredith’s two sons Shane and Joshua. She also employs her two brothers David and Don. Our family’s mission is to bring to you the tastiest, high-quality, gourmet cannabis infused variety of foods and baked goods.



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