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The “Marijuana Business and Operations Guide” (Starting, Growing and Going Public) is the only book in print that provides a step by step format to apply for and operate a medical or recreational marijuana facility. The dispensary permitting process is covered in detail with the necessary documentation requirements for most states: a business plan, different operations manuals, employee handbook, and a number of critical checklists to avoid criminal or legal issues.

Robert Carp, the author, is a practicing attorney in Massachusetts, an enrolled agent with the IRS, and a Harvard trained government scientist. He has worked to help pass legislation, written checklists and compliance manuals for many different clients, is recognized as a leader in the emerging business of medical and recreational marijuana business operations.

If you’re looking to save tens of thousands on legal bills, consulting fees, and how to put together a dispensary or cultivation permit application that will make others look like amateurs, you’ve found the place. Step by step, the book will walk you through putting together a business plan to find investors and all the parts of an application you will need to complete in any state to obtain a dispensary permit.

Within the Marijuana Business and Operations Guide (Starting, Growing and Going Public) you’ll find a number of well written stand alone guides including:

  • Medical Marijuana Business Plan
  • Dispensary Design
  • Dispensary Operations Manual
  • Cultivation Facility Design
  • Cultivation Facilities Operational Manual
  • Edibles and Byproduct Manufacturing Guide
  • Inventory Control Guide
  • Patient Education Guide
  • Security Planning Guide
  • and “How To Take Your Company Public Step by Step”

With 340 pages covering every imaginable topic on the business of growing and selling cannabis, it will provide you with everything you need to get started and to grow your business. No risk – if it isn’t everything we say it is, return it and receive your money back. Where do I start? How much will it cost? What is the state’s application going to require?

Brands: We sell “The Marijuana Business and Operations Guide”, which details everything you’ll need to apply for a dispensary permit.



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