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MedRecs To Go is a manufacturer and distributor of the patented “QUARTZ” Vape Cartomizer. The cartomizer that is 100% quartz glass, no polymers. Guaranteed not to leak at high altitudes and high temperatures. Take it to the mountains or leave it in your car in high temperatures…it will not leak.


The QUARTZ has been three years in the making, specifically for this market. All other cartomizers were made primarily for the e-cig market that required the coil to heat at a much lower temperature. The coils never heat to a high enough temperature to reach the “sweet” spot for this industry. The QUARTZ coil heats to 400 – 425 degrees in a half second, which is the sweet spot for vaping. The QUARTZ will eliminate your problem of customers coming back to you dissatisfied because of leaking issues.


MedRecs also manufactures a customized filling and capping system specifically for the filling and capping of the QUARTZ cartridge. With the MedRecs system one person is capable of filling and capping 400 cartomizers every hour. Not only is the system easy to use, but the user has less impact on their body by letting the machine do the work. The MedRecs To Go System creates seamless production that far surpasses any industry competitor.


Mission Statement

To provide a high quality standard approach to CBD and it’s therapeutic benefits for personal health and wellness.


Brands: MedRecs To Go The QUARTZ Vape, USA Patent # US9986769 B1 The QUARTZ Vape, China Utility Patent # ZL20162 1415958.8 The QUARTZ Vape, China Design Patent # ZL120163 0636908.1



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