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Medicine Box

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Truckee, CA, USA


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Medicine Box is a multi faceted cannabis company based in Nevada County and Lake Tahoe, California with a soil to oil philosophy that achieves its results through mindful cultivation and innovation.

Brand values

  • Integrity & Accountability
  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Health & Wellness
  • Community
  • Mindfulness Unity
  • Lifestyle
  • Consciousness
  • Service to Others

Our Proccess

While the ethos of Medicine Box compose our visionary landscape, the Medicine Box brand stewardship is one of practicality. We take a mindful approach to complete quality control over the supply chain, direct to the end consumer.

  1. Plant genetics

    We choose plant genetics that comprise specific terpenes that will be utilized in our end products.

  2. Healthy soil

    Healthy soil equals healthy plants. Healthy plants are extracted into healthy oils with whole-plant derived terpenes.

  3. High quality oils of terpenes

    High quality oils of terpenes infuse well-curated products.

  4. Marketing & education

    Well-curated products are marketed through education. Marketing through education stimulates canna-curious consumers.

  5. Curiosity evolves

    Curiosity evolves into happy consumers who intend to infuse their well-being with a happier and healthier quality of life through the use of our products.

  6. Quality of life

    A heightened quality of life creates a culture that is dedicated to cannabis as part of their health and wellness program.

  7. Shifting mindsets

    Well curated products are marketed through education. Marketing through education stimulates canna curious consumers.

  8. Transparency

    Medicine Box was created with this soil to oil process in mind to simplify the stigmas around cannabis. Authenticity and transparency around this plant is the future.

  9. We are the entourage effect

    It is paramount for the Medicine Box mission to align with innovative collaborators that share our value systems and the quadruple bottom line consciousness of people, planet, patients, and profits.

Cultivation is as much of a science as it is a state of being. Medicine Box blends both. We mindfully innovate through cultural, social, and political dynamics as we strive to preserve the historic roots of the cannabis movement. We build community through education, collaboration, and cooperation. The Medicine Box team stays up to date on the latest science, medicinal, and technological advancements in cannabis as we innovate through information. Finally, we innovate through mindful creativity and personal recovery with our personal relationships with cannabis.



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