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Mollers North America, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of bag filling, conveying, palletizing, Stretch-Hooding and shrinkwrapping systems. Completely manufactured in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from the first system design, through installation and start-up, every process and procedure in our facility is designed to ensure the highest quality standards. With performance based on engineering excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction, our products are known for their rugged durability and trouble-free operation. Bag Filling Systems The Valve Bag Placer pre-opens each bag valve and automatically places valve bags onto packer filling spouts assuring quick and reliable filling for a variety of bag sizes. Each unit can feed up to four inline packers, configured in series and equipped with spouts with automatic bag clamps and discharge devices. Impeller and Pneumatic Packing Systems Impeller packers are ideally suited for powdered products, including talc, cement, gypsum, lime, sand and other products. A horizontally mounted, motor-driven rotary impeller fills the bags. Packing, weighing and bag discharge functions are fully automatic. Each system comes with an electronic weighing system and a display screen with a key pad to change bag size, weights or other parameters. Pneumatic packers can handle granular, as well as powdered products, including chemicals, building materials and food products. Products can be as fine as powdered milk and pigments, to as coarse as grain and animal feed. The product being bagged is fluidized at the chamber base and blown into the empty bag. Packing, weighing and bag discharge functions are fully automatic. Packers come with an electronic weighing system that can be adjusted to coarse and fine flow settings to improve accuracy and reduce filling time. A new feature with our Packers is Ultra-Sonic sealing. PFS Palletizer The space and cost saving PFS Floor-level Modular Palletizing System provides the advantages of automatic palletizing to businesses with lower throughput requirements. The system can accommodate a wide range of stacking patterns. PLS Palletizer The PLS Palletizer is a high-speed unit capable of palletizing up 3,000 bags per hour. It can be fitted with a variety of bag turning and positioning devices. The modular design of the PLS Palletizer means it can be used for all pallet dimensions and set up for any required stacking pattern. It includes a full range of optional accessories. Stretch-Hooding Systems The Stretch-Hooder offers a 5-sided sealed film protection. A one-piece hood is made in the machine from a continuous roll of gusseted film. The hood is stretched over the load and secured under the pallet. The load is unitized without the use of energy reducing costs and environmental impact. The finished load is dependably watertight and the smooth surface can be easily imprinted with logos or other advertising messages. Stretch Hooders are ideally suited to applications where pallet loads require superior unitization or protection. Shrinkwrapping Systems Shrinkwrapping is an effective and proven method of protecting and securing a variety of unit loads during shipping. Depending upon your working environment, shrinkwrapping systems are available with either electric or gas heated shrink frames. For over 50 years, in thousands of installations worldwide, Mollers North America, Inc. has set the standards for bag and unit load material handling systems, providing unsurpassed quality for the most demanding applications.



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