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MTG seeds is a medical cannabis genetics company that has been working with some of the biggest medical marijuana farms and dispensaries in California since 1996. We create our seeds in an eco-friendly environment using only natural and organically derived materials. We started with the finest California strains, and then traveled the world to gather classic land race and exotic genetics. Through extensive breeding projects and testing we have stabilized our line. By implementing a male-female breeding project over many years, we have eliminated hermaphroditic tendencies along with strengthen mold and mildew resistance. We have built a reputation of having high yielding, high testing stable strains. Due to overwhelming demand we are now offering these genetics to everyone.

Through close partnerships with medical marijuana dispensaries and distinguished testing labs we have been able to develop strains for specific medical ailments. We have been able to get extensive cannabinoid profiling (THC, CBD, THCV, CBN, CBG…) on each strain and selectively breed for desirable characteristics. Our Prezidential Kush has long been sought after as some of the best possible migraine medicine available. Our Kingston Confidential is a great anti inflammatory and arthritis medicine due to its balance of THC and CBD. We have numerous other strains that are bred to be ailment specific, and constantly striving to be on the forefront of this research. We know this is the future of Cannabis as well as the future of medicine. We have the perfect strain whether you ; Grow BIG…or grow home.

At MTG seeds we understand the Importance of finding the right genetics for your garden. We know you must maximize every square foot you have. For years our mission has been to produce the highest yielding, highest testing most stable genetics available. We started with superior Ca genetics and then traveled the world to find the best heirloom and land race strains available to bring you some truly unique creations. Our principals are simple- Cannabis is medicine. We are developing strains specifically to help alleviate different ailments. We believe our genetics can help medical research and work closely with different labs to document all the different cannabinoids. We think that what you put into the seed will affect what comes out. As such, we believe in producing our seeds without hormones in a natural, chemical and pesticide free environment. We have found the results to be worth it.

Due to popular demand we are now offering these seeds to everyone. Right now our seeds can be found at dispensaries throughout California and other reputable 3rd parties (seed banks and consultants). With the large variety of flavors and effects our plants offer, we have the perfect strain whether you Grow BIG…or grow home.



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