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Northern Lights Legal Services proudly serves the cannabis community, providing comprehensive legal services: from initial start up, to regulatory compliance, to licensure defense and litigation. Northern Lights Legal Services works with Washington’s Industrial Hemp Farmers and Cannabis Community on their roads to thriving businesses.

Licensure – The Bedrock of a Legal Cannabis Business

Obtaining the your Cannabis business license is essential to the operation of a Cannabis business. The states’ license application process can be confusing and demanding. We can help you to navigate the application process, and also help you to ensure that you maintain your license in good standing. Finally, we can fight for you if you License is in danger of being suspended or revoked.

Litigation – When All Else Fails, We Have Your Back

Unfortunately, things do not always go according to plan, and legal battles need to be waged. We are here to help you fight those battles. Whether it be employment disputes, vendor disagreements, or even infighting between business owners, we can step in and fight your battles for you, leaving you to run your company effectively without having to focus on the disputes at hand.

Corporate Formation – Start Right, Start Strong

Forming a business the right way is essential to the long term health and viability of any company. We help prospective business owners and entrepreneurs assess the correct business form for their business, create the necessary formation documents, assist in procuring all of the necessary licenses, and advise on other necessities such as insurance.

Contracts – Know Your Obligations and Keep Your Partners Accountable

Contracts are the cornerstone to any business. They allow a business person to rely on the validity of the agreements they make with other businesses and individuals. We at Northern Lights Legal Services have a wealth of experience and knowledge in drafting and reviewing business contracts of all types. We will help to make sure that your business interests are protected by great contracts.

Intellectual Property – Protect What Makes Your Business Unique

Every successful business has something that makes it unique, whether that be a product, a brand, a tag-line, or a process. That unique aspect of the business can create immense value and deserves protection. We can help to protect that asset by obtaining Intellectual Property Protections at the State and even Federal level, where available.

Strategic Planning & Compliance – Stay Prepared

The legal landscape and state requirements for legal cannabis business are in constant flux. Changes to state and federal law can have far-reaching implications on your business. We can help you plan for these changes in an attempt to shield your business from these changes, in addition to helping your business stay compliant in an ever-changing environment.

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Sole Proprietorship

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2-10 employees

Cannabis Law, Business Law, Intellectual Property, Licensure Defense, and Regulatory Compliance.



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