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Optic Edge is one of the only digital sign providers that offer 3-in-1 Drop in Pin technology.

Our Edge

Unlike traditional RGB bulb clusters where light mixes in front of (or outside) the sign, our bulb technology captures and mixes light inside our proprietary lens. This allows for the creation of vivid and clear colors. In addition, our bulb technology provides for tighter bulb spacing (i.e. more ‘pixels’) for clearer images and wider viewing areas than traditional RGB bulb clusters. Our signs utilize 10mm pixel spacing which is excellent for most driving and viewing applications.

Lastly, with our competitive pricing, you have access to the clearest, most vivid digital sign on the market to communicate with your customers and increase sales. We are confident you will be pleased with the return on your sign investment.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Monument LED Sign: A monument or ground sign can take on a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Typically placed near the road, monument signs are often the first impression to your visitors and differentiate your business from others nearby. Monument signs are made from aluminum and steel, brick, or masonry materials, providing a level of confidence with such a solid and permanent structure.

Freestanding LED Sign: Freestanding or pylon signs are some of the most common but often the most effective types of signage. A freestanding sign is attached to a self supporting solid base structure constructed of a permanent material like steel or concrete. A well positioned freestanding sign will distinguish your business from others and place your business above and beyond your competition to passing customers.

Custom LED Sign: Looking for a custom sign designed uniquely for your business? Whether you have ideas or not, we specialize in exclusive projects that we partner with you to create. A custom LED project clearly sets your business out from the rest creating a long lasting impression to your customers.

Indoor Digital Signage

Upright Indoor LED: Ideal for shorter viewing distances, upright indoor LED posterboards serve as multipurpose screens that are widely used in many businesses such as churches, retail, restaurants, reception halls, and shopping centers. These displays are easily customizable, lightweight and simple to use.

Mounted LED Board: Using dynamic pixel display, mounted LED posterboards are sure to capture foot traffic attention. Easily mounted and customizable, LED posterboards are commonly used for conference room projection, product promotion, and graphic displays in business lobbies and waiting rooms. Simple to use and low maintenance, LED boards are the next step in technology.

Custom Indoor LED: Have an idea for a custom indoor LED project? Let our knowledgeable and experienced designers help bring your project to life. LED posterboards offer a multifunction purpose for any business. Vibrant graphics and dynamic pixel display are guaranteed to capture attention. Let Optic Edge build a custom indoor LED project for you!

Why Digital Signage?

Digital Signage Grabs Attention

Digital signs capture an average of more than 400% more views than static signs. Using vibrant, crisp colors and eye-catching messages, digital signs get noticed. With a good combination of movement, graphics and content, viewers’ attention is captured by the display and are more often to recall and retain digital advertising. This in turn drives your sales.

While advertising can be expensive, digital advertising has a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) than television, radio and newspapers.

Quick and Easy to Update

We live in a world where things change rapidly. Digital signs can be quickly and easily updated offering greater flexibility and faster response times. Have a product you need to move quickly? Offering a daily special? Planning a seasonal sale? Digital signs allow you to quickly react to marketing needs and offer instant communication to your customers.

Dynamic Content Delivery

Gone are the days of being tied to a single static advertisement. Digital sign displays allow you to be creative and flexible; owners can produce a multitude of messages to be presented to their customers. Never again will you be stuck with the same sign sending the same message for ten years or more. With our easy-to-use software, you will be producing spectacular ads on demand, effectively creating a new sign as often as you want or need to.

Why Us?

At Optic Edge, we believe that a good partnership is the key to long-lasting relationships. We believe that partnerships are built on communication, action, and commitment. We will work hard to make sure our partnerships beliefs are fulfilled. It is our pleasure to take this journey with you, we know our product and your brand are a perfect match to help grow your sales.

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